Goat Simulator Trailer

shut down the gaming industry, we’ve reached our peak

well done, everyone.  no more games, ever.

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I’m quite happy to announce that my Polish AC fanpage has over 400 likes c: Not much comparing to the number of my followers here… However, it just started as an experiment, but I decided to keep it for longer and since I’m usually the only one who updates it (amongst my other online ‘duties’) from time to time, I’m glad it reached this point :D

So I made 4 wallpapers with Altair, Ezio, Connor and Edward in 6 sizes to celebrate, but I can share them here as well c:

You can download the packs with graphics from [here] (click see more for links).

Also if you like my fanpage, don’t hesitate to like it ;) I mostly post fanarts and news in English because I’m too lazy to translate them xD

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